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Joy possess a winning combination of a truly special teaching technique, a contagious passion for her trade and a willingness to share what she knows, and a pure and simple connection with my son Mathew. They have fun together and it shows. Thank you SAS for Joy and Joy thank you for all your support encouragement and enthusiasm.
Parent , Singapore American School
Joy has been, without a doubt, the most valuable resource in my daughter’s educational journey over the past 5 years. She is amazing! My daughter loves working with her and still looks forward to their sessions together. They meet via Skype twice weekly, and Joy’s innumerable resources along with her commitment and enthusiasm have kept the classes engaging and relevant as my daughter’s skills have improved. When Suni began working with Joy in Mexico, she was in 3rd grade and couldn’t read. We struggled with finding the right support and interventions for her and meeting Joy when we did was a godsend. Suni is now in junior high school, taking honors classes in Colorado and has received numerous awards for outstanding effort and growth. Joy has been her champion and mentor the entire time. Her dedication to her students is inspiring and her wealth of knowledge is a true benefit to anyone fortunate enough to get to work with her.
Stacy Koeckeritz , Parent, Mexico
Joy’s knowledge and expertise enables her to identify good quality programs and then promote these programs with an enthusiasm that is almost infectious. Joy has been collaborating with Brain Train in exploring ways in which Brain Train can contribute to raising the knowledge levels of reading and reading difficulties among teachers living and working in the Asian region.
Alisa Hill, Director - Brain Train, Singapore
Joy Koller has been an enthusiastic contributor to AASSA’s professional development programs. Joy, as an experienced international educator, is aware of the challenges facing teachers who work and live internationally and has involved herself in exploring and devising training options in the areas of special education and learning and reading disabilities.
Paul Poore, Executive Director - Association of American Schools in South America
The world needs more Joy Koller’s. I have a high regard to your life work.
Dennis Hallinan, Program Director - Center for Reading and Language Research at Tufts University
Joy brings a creativity and delight in working with children that is evident to everyone, most particularly the children themselves. I have never seen a child who has been reluctant to go off to a remedial session; rather, there is an anticipation of an exciting learning adventure about to happen.
Ann O Connell, School Counseling Psychologist, Cambridge MA.
Joy Koller is proactive, motivated and highly competent in all tasks she sets out to complete. Joy has been the lead implementer of the Sound Reading program at Yits’ Atil, a Bilingual Private School in Mexico. Joy has the ability to relay information between the school, our support staff and development team. Joy has collaborated on specific ELL tasks with our development team. Everyone enjoys working with her.
David Croudace, CEO of Sound Reading Solutions, Ithaca NY





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Miss Joy’s Online English Reading Programs help children master essential reading skills.



Interactive lessons with technology resources to meet the various instructional needs of students
Direct, explicit,  systematic and mastery -based  instruction
Self-paced options
Virtual monitoring and reporting
Immediate and specific feedback
Diagnostic Online Reading Assessments (DORA) available in English and Spanish