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JkGlobal Connections  is a professional education service whose mission is to promote global early learning literacy initiatives and reading education through worldwide partnerships and collaboration among the non-profit and private/public education sectors.  Cooperation and collaboration among educators and professional organizations at all levels is vital to the future of teacher training.  We provide  information, instruction and professional development resources  in research -based reading methods. We aim to help educators teach children the skills they must learn in order to read, write and spell well in English and understand why some of them struggle.


Reading is a complex task and is not an automatic skill for many students. Reading is hard work and no matter whatever approach or method is used to teach reading, most students become proficient.  However, teachers worldwide need support and training in identifying children at risk of reading failure. Research has shown that understanding the development of important skills required of a proficient reader is a critical part of successful reading. Our goal is to help eliminate children’s struggle with learning to read.


  • Joy Koller,  founder of JkGlobal Connections has a basic commitment to share its resources in ways that will support and enhance teacher’s knowledge for in-class support and for “specialist intervention”. 
  • JkGlobal Connections is committed to educate teachers about methods and approaches that have worked well and caused reading improvement for large numbers of children. Teachers can build their students’ skills efficiently and effectively, with greater results than before. Five areas of reading instruction are provided:  phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, and vocabulary and text comprehension.
  • Our international commitment is to be carried out through Educational Institutes that are in need of reading programs that reflect  best reading practices.


“Special thanks– from the International Reading Association( IRA) International Development Division in providing resources and support for the  *Emergent Literacy Project- Brazil*    IRA


The project aims to help educators in international schools set up balanced emergent literacy programs and to aid educators in identifying and helping students who need additional language stimulation to meet literacy expectations. Using assessments appropriate for multilingual students, educators are better able to discern whether students are struggling due to second language learning or whether they are at risk for learning difficulties and then adjust instruction accordingly.” The AASSA Emergent Literacy Project

In partnership with the Early Education for Every Child Foundation ( EEECF) , JkGlobal Connections  launched The Mexico Literacy Project, a campaign to promote the local chapter, *Little Learner Initiative* LLI-Mexico. With the EEECF appointment as Project Director and Official Liaison in Mexico for all LLI-Mexico activities, Ms. Koller, in collaboration with EEECF, provides scholarship grants for literacy products and curricula serving all children and public schools in need throughout Mexico.  We are committed to providing life changing opportunities for children, worldwide.


Mexico Literacy Project  aspires to make a difference  through our  scholarship grants and services  for public schools  in need throughout Mexico.  In doing so, we wish to instill all students  with a life-long enthusiasm for reading and to foster a love of learning English as a second language.



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April/May edition 2013