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My First Book- Moja Prva Knjiga


The Centre for Neohumanist Studies ( CNS) in Croatia inspires initiatives towards progressive life-long learning, teaching and sustainable community building in balance with the natural environment.  CNS Croatia has its office base in Karlovac and from this office it implements activities locally and nationally. CNS Croatia addresses society in general in four areas: 

Healthy lifestyle
“Moja prva knjiga” – “My First Book” is a  National contest for children and youth on writing and illustrating their own story.  An initiative  started by CNS-Karlovac,  offers  children nationwide in Croatia an opportunity to write and illustrate their own book. The project launched in 2004 by volunteers of CNS Karlovac and is under the patronage of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport. articlesmall2 articlesmall3

 The contest is in three age groups: 6-10 years, 11-14 years and 15-19 years


Escuela Anaco-Assessment

EA Focuses on Reading Assessment by William Kralovac @9:50 am.

Teaching and Learning, Elementary School April 2008


Ms. Joy Koller will be working with our students for the rest of the quarter. Ms. Koller taught here form 1994-1996. She was the Early Childhood Specialist/ESL teacher. Joy was reunited with her former students Kary, Diego and Arqui this week. They have grown a bit since pre-kindergarten! Escuela Anaco was Joy’s first stop in international teacher. Her career has taken her all over the world, her longest stint being at the Singapore American School, which by the way is one of the largest international schools at 3000+ students. Quite a difference from EA. Joy’s career has focused on assisting students with reading difficulties.

Ms. Koller is piloting an assessment and reading program called Predictive Assessment of Reading PAR  http://childsmindpublishing.org/par/

This program was developed by education researchers at Wake Forest University School of Medicine in cooperation with the Winston-Salem Schools in North Carolina, USA. PAR synthesizes over 20 years of research and was funded by the National Institute of Health.

In the last four years it has been administered to over 14,000 students in 10 states across the USA. PAR is a 15 minute test that can be done on a computer.

The students will be doing tests in English and in Spanish. The test does the following:

1) Measures a learner’s current level of reading skills.

1.1) Calculates an accurate prediction of present and FUTURE reading. 

1.2) Tells what particular extra skill training each child needs.

PAR tests four basic skills that every child needs in order to learn to read and to keep growing in reading skills. These reading skills can be used in every subject, so it is a good assessment for overall academic ability.

  • 1Letter Word Calling  – This is looking at a word and pronouncing it correctly either by sight (just knowing it) or by “sounding it out.”
  • 2Picture Naming Vocabulary– This is looking at a picture of an object and saying the name of the object. It’s a good way to measure a child’s overall vocabulary or knowledge of word meanings. Vocabulary is the foundation of language itself and is essential for growth in reading beyond grade 1. 
  • 3 Phonemic Awareness -Understanding the individual sounds in a word. If a child has trouble learning to read, it’s usually because of trouble with the sounds in words. The child may be able to hear and pronounce words correctly, but have difficulty taking the word apart into its individual sounds-for example, being able to say “ark” when asked to say “mark” without the “mmm” sound.
  • 4Rapid Naming Fluency – Quickly naming a string of familiar items on a page, such as a series of numbers or letters.

We are aiming first to test all students in English and Spanish from grades K through 3. We will then move on to grades 4 – 6 if possible. Our on line data base is set up for results analysis up only to grade 3, and extra work needs to be done for the higher elementary grades. Parents and teachers will have access to their student or child’s data and reports.

Parents are invited to talk with Joy any time. She has a temporary work station set up in our main Media Lab. Thanks Joy for coming back and sharing your expertise with us!!!!!!!


English Reading Support Services:

English Reading Support Services, Playa del Carmen, Mexicoliteracy1

English Reading Support Services provides engaging literacy instruction support for teachers, children and schools.

Watch your students’ enthusiasm for learning how to read in English come alive!

Click Here to View Yits’Atil -ANUARIO PRIMARIA 2011-2012

collage SRSliteracy2

Partnership with Sound Reading Solutions: http://www.soundreading.com/JkGlobal-Connections.html




   RAVE-O Summer Adventures In Reading at Wayak’ Eco-Edu-Camp, Mayan Riviera, México 2010

logowayaklogocenterVIEW PROJECT

Mexico Pilot Report

RAVE-O- A Systematic Approach to Reading Fluency 

The Rave-O  Summer Adventures in  Reading Program  was a  collaboration Pilot in July, 2010 between the Center for Reading and Language Research at Tufts University, JkGlobal Connections and the Crecer Juntos Summer Program at Colegio Puerto Aventuras. The four week  intensive and dynamic reading program  incorporated all levels of linguistic knowledge and reading skills to promote more fluent text reading in English and improved comprehension skills , more importantly, the program  promoted a deeper appreciation of and love for reading.

The RAVE-O curriculum is an English reading fluency and comprehension intervention  program for primary grade students struggling to acquire reading  fluency.