For children entering Kindergarten it is a year filled with new experiences; a new school, new friends & teachers. Throughout the year, but especially in the first months I spend time getting to know the children and the children spend time getting to know me. Gradually, as friendships develop, children should feel a sense of trust not only with their teachers and physical space, but also within themselves and among their friends and the class as a whole.

The physical environment and the structure within the daily schedule play a major role in each child’s involvement with the curriculum and each child’s success at acquiring new skills. Fixed parts of the schedule include a morning and end of the day meeting, silent reading time, story time. Choice Board is also an important part of our day; children use the choice board to choose activities available in different areas of the room designed to invite exploration and for small group instruction in Literacy and Math.


Children learn through play!

The choice board is a list of all the centers(areas) we have in our classroom with corresponding spaces with the capacity in each area. Children need to put their names next to an area of interest. These children are responding to the calls of their own ideas. They spread themselves fairly even throughout the room. Children are trusted to become involved with purposeful activity of their own choosing for a period of time. Choices encourage conversation, negotiation for shared space and materials. Choice board gives the children an opportunity to socialize, pursue their own interests, make decisions and solve problems. The children are free to make choices from those that are offered on the board and are encouraged to try a variety of choices during that particular period. Choice Board is a scheduled time each day so students can participate in the development of ‘choice’.

Choice Board